Mothers in Malaysia Share Their Experience Using the Design Veronique Support Garments After their Delivery:

Type of Delivery: Cesarean Section

Age of Mother: 28 years old

Delivery Date: 31 July 2009

I wasn’t prepared for caesarean pain during my second delivery since my first was delivered naturally. The doctor and nurses encouraged me to start moving and be on my feet once the anesthesia is out from my body system. They told me that it will fasten the process of recovery. Gosh! It was so painful just to bring myself up to a sitting position. I felt as though the stitches would open up every time I moved.


The doctor's assistant introduced me to a Design Veronique consultant and before I was discharged from the hospital. I was fitted into a caesarean support

garment. I felt the support immediately. It gave me confidence to move around and provided 360 degree support especially at the incision area. My 'loose' ligaments felt like it was being held up in the right places.


The Design Veronique support garment is practical and easy to wear. The material is thin and light making it very comfortable to wear even to sleep. I wash the garment every 2 days and it dries quickly under a fan. To my surprise, I could fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans just after 2 weeks! The thing I love most about the garment is that it helped my breastfeeding experience become a comfortable and easy. It is totally a 'mother & baby-friendly garment'. It was worth the investment for my recovery.


Type of Delivery: Natural Birth

Age of Mother: 32 Years old

Delivery Date: 1 September 2009


My first experience delivering was by C-section. The healing process was slow and may risk infections. Back in 2006, there weren’t many choices so I used a traditional homemade binder, also known as 'bengkung'. Though the binder helped support my abdomen, it didn’t really do the job as I still feel the pain whenever I moved.


After my 2nd child’s natural delivery, I tried using Design Veronique’s postpartum support garment. The material is lightweight, comfortable and inexpensive compared to some other commercialized garments where most of the materials are not suitable after a surgery or delivery. I started using the garment from the 4h day until my 30th day. After that, I used the second stage body contour garment to support and to contour back my physical appearance. The garment gave me the right support for my spine, abdomen and pelvic floor. I can feel and see the difference within a week! Even the nurses whom did their routine home visits complimented that my abdomen reduced a size in one week.


I highly recommend the support garment to new mothers or experienced mothers like myself. The support garment helped heal my physical state and inner system. Mother’s deserve the best support and to feel better after months of struggle with back pain and sleepless nights.


Type of Delivery: Cesarean Birth

Age of Mother: 36 Years Old 


Being a healthcare worker for the past 15 years, I have seen the common challenges faced by the mother who underwent C section. One of those is to start ambulating while the surgical wound is very raw and painful. As a care giver, I used to encourage mothers to ambulate as soon as they are free from the anesthesia effect to speed up their recovery process. In order to do so, we taught patients to support their wound with their hand to reduce the pain during ambulation, resulted them to bend forward while walking. Some even became very reluctant to move and to breast feed their babies as they could not bear the pain.


The experience of rendering care to the C Section mothers made me always wanted to undergo normal delivery. After all, my first one was delivered through Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery. Further more, as a nurse, I knew the benefits and the limitations of C Section. However, I was not lucky enough; my Pregnancy Induced Hypertension left me with no choice except for C section. The first Post Operation Day was terrible for me. I wanted to move around so that I could fasten my recovery process yet it was so painful as I felt like my swollen abdomen is swinging when I moved around. I wanted to carry and breast feed my baby but one hand was needed to support my wound, thus i easily became lethargic and almost gave up breast feeding. I swallowed the analgesic prescribed by the doctor, yet it did not help much.


On the 3rd  Operation Day, the Design Veronique Consultant fitted me on the garment. , It was a magical moment for me as I felt that my problems were solved immediately. Soon as I put on the Design Veronique Garment, I can be on my feet again with proper body posture. I did not need to bend forward to support my swollen and flabby abdomen, and I did not experience the pain during ambulating anymore. In addition, it helped me to be in good posture while breast feeding and my two hands are free to hold and to position my baby. I shall say that the Design Veronique Garment is very ‘User Friendly Garment’ as the excellent design does not only support the wound but it also very convenient for mother to breast feed their baby. I even told my O&G Consultant that this garment should be recommended to mothers whom undergoing or underwent the C section. I can ensure you, it is worth spending.


Type of Delivery: Cesarean Birth


Any women who had cesarean delivery shares the same concern - how do I protect my new incision wounds from friction with wearing normal undergarments? I solved mine when a friend revealed to me about Design Veronique cesarean support girdle which she had been wearing for a couple of months and helped her recover tremendously. I called for consultation, was convinced and purchased it on spot! It delivers what it describes; comfort and ease. I wear it everyday because it's easy to put on, plus fabric doesn't stain or smell easily. The length of girdle gives full cover to abdominal area and supports my back while I run daily errands. Dries quickly too after handwash - it was definitely godsent.This girdle also helps tuck in my new 'pouch' comfortably and give extra confidence with my appearance. The last thing you want to worry about when you're juggling time between baby, work and home is how uncomfortable your undies felt against your skin or how lousy you feel about the changes with your body. I'm glad I got this product - it felt like a gift every mother should earn after child-birth experience. :)