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Silicone Sheets are the most effective method for reducing Surgical Scars, especially Abdominal Scars resulting from Cesarean Delivery or Abdominal Surgery

Silicone works to reduce scarring by decreasing production of collagen and by changing the alignment of the collagen- collagen can cause thick, raised scars that could lead to keloid scars. Silicone has commonly been used to diminish the appearance of hypertropic and Keloid scars, but not all forms of silicone achieve the same results. Silicone gels and ointments are effective, but silicone sheets are the most effective product for diminishing scars. 


The Silicone sheet comes in a size of 25cm x 4cm, the Silicone sheet is applied directly to the cesarean section incision after you have trimmed the sheet to the size you need to completely cover the incision. Following are more facts about silicone sheets and how to use and apply the Medgel silicone sheet.  

Silicone Sheets have been show to:  

  • Diminish scars that are less than a year old by up to 85%
  • Have even proved effective at diminishing scars over a year old
  • Silicone sheets achieve superior results than Silicone gels- through direct pressure and contact of the silicone sheet with the scar itself, the combination of direct pressure and moisture retained by the silicone sheet are key elements in scar reduction 


Silicone Sheets are silicone-based products specifically formulated to treat and prevent hypertrophic scars, keloids and those associated with redness of the skin.  

Usage Guidelines: 

  • Always follow the directions of your doctor- Do not use Silicone Sheet on open wounds, in an infected region or on unhealthy tissue. If a rash occurs, discontinue use. 
  • Begin using the Silicone Sheet when the incision is “dry”, usually when the last scab has fallen off., this is when healing is taking place. 
  • The Medgel Silicone sheet should be worn for at last 12 hours per day 

Directions for Use:

  • Wash and dry scar region, do not apply any creams or ointments 
  • Remove Silicone Sheet from packaging and Trim the Silicone Sheet to a size that completely covers the scar and immediate surrounding area
  • Remove the protective layer on the Silicone sheet, place the sticky side of the Silicone Sheet directly over the scar
  • If necessary, secure Medgel with a bandage, tape, or Alpha Band; Silicone Sheets can be used under a compression garment.
  • Each sheet can be re-used with proper care for 7 to 10 days.
  • GENTLY was the Silicone sheet (DO NOT SCRUB) everyday with water and/or with neutral soap Rinse thoroughly with water.  Allow to dry in the air and reapply to the scar when ready.





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