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Gluten-Free flours for everyone who loves baking, creating, and having fun in the kitchen!

ahm brings you straight for Italy gluten free flours for Fresh bread, Perfect Pizza dough, Elegant pastries and more.

It doesn't get much fresher than this. Our flours are perfect for anything you'd want to bake: buns, rolls, loaves, and a thousand other tasty things


How to bake … everything!

Eggs, butter, salt, and milk - wait, something is missing here! Some essential ingredient … what was it? Of course! The flour!

There are countless types of flour, but only Schär's Flour - Farina comes with such important ingredients as dedication, love and bliss. And that's exactly what needs to go into every pancake, every pasta and every sauce ... because love "thickens" our connections! And it goes through the stomach, they say ...

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